Bird of Prey

by Pigs of Exile

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This release is a bit of a Frankenstein, with all of the songs being taken from different recording sessions, mostly from 2011, and all influenced by quite different music and sentiments.


released December 21, 2012

Marty Langley - guitar, vocals
Jeremy Mozlin - bass
JD Wolk - drums

All music by Pigs of Exile
All lyrics by Marty



all rights reserved


Pigs of Exile Santa Ana, California

Our brand of rock is weird, but we put all our energy into it, so hopefully that's what shows. Now, sit back and let us assault your hapless eardrums with the strident tones of sheer madness!

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Track Name: Get Down
Hung around like a stooge in drag waiting for it all to fall
run so many miles and I'm pushed up against the wall
red haze of fallacy and the static from your mind

Screams from the roof above and the wife she starts to shake
All the girls in their peacoat frocks and their limbs begin to quake
Miles below in a canceled show, I'm going to disappear stage left
Incite it!

Been around and I'm so long without
Now I'm gone in the world and going down
For too many years I've waited around
Tonight I'm going to get down

Sarai slaps her boyfriend Andres and laughs in his lying face
Lost my job and the will to leave, I can see the end of the race
hanging around for too many years, and the lies begin to fade

All I've said and done, reaching for the end
No more waiting for you, Reaching for this end tonight I'm gone
1973, got the top down, snow outside and the cracks shine in the light, breathe the air and it all comes back, still a hangin' on, still a hangin' on, rolling down Woodward Ave, another house burns, I see my face inside, see my face inside, and I'm smiling, I see you man, I see you on the other side man, smiling, smiling, smiling this time
Track Name: Lost
Search in life for your instinct's call
color the words and you feel the wall
you're so alone

lock yourself in a room tonight
What you find might mess you up
you're so alone

All I want, All I need
I'm the one that's Lost Inside the War
All I need, all I want
you're the one that's losing something more

tell the world your whole life's breath
take the violence to your death
you're so alone

tonight you'll embrace the fear
until the moon has disappeared
you're so alone

All I want, all I need
I'm the one thats Lost Inside the War
All I need, all I want
you're the one thats losing something more
Track Name: I Want You
I'm the one, through your soul,
I'm the one that makes you lose control,
I'm the wolf that eats you whole

I'm all the things you feel inside,
not the one who smiled and lied,
I can feel you inside this night

Outside in a cage
won't let it die
got to get with you tonight

No one gets in the way
I'll crawl across the floor
when our eyes meet
it's all over girl

ache in your soul
has led you here
standing in front of me
and I get inside
your guarded self
take apart your mind and release the animal
Track Name: Bird of Prey
It's all my life, corroding through this stench, searching all this world, and all its bloody girls
command the beauty and the pain, while the darkness coils inside, feel the thrust of all the blades, close my head
It's all my time, bleeding on the edge, awake to this world, and all its suffering fools,
I am the rapacious Bird of Prey, sinking my holes into the day, feel the fear wash up inside, release my head
Track Name: The Dissolve
Want my soul, cute little one
trapped inside your life, scratching at the walls

It's a lot of walking down that empty road
form a new life in the world where the sun melts into rain
leave it all behind and disappear into the night
a new city with shiny lights and you forget about yourself

walking immense cities, a stranger among millions, no matter where you go, you can't escape your self, you drift down lonely blvds, passing cars form a red pulsing snake, malevolent and obscene, death is only few steps away, all the pain you've kept inside for so long, keeps you distant and remote, you've lost pieces of language over the years, when night comes there is nothing to say, the sirens scream and the black pavement fills you with emptiness, outside the wolves close in, and you lose yourself amid the concrete and steel, into this tangled night